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94,99 EUR*
Details Social Structure & Disaster

Social Structure and Disaster In a format of presentation, critique, and commentary, disaster researchers and sociological theorists address basic theoretical issues underlying studies of social structure and disaster. The editor's program of archival ...

12,99 EUR*
Details Connecticut Disasters: True Stories of Tragedy and Survival (Disasters (Insiders' Guide))

Connecticut Disasters Dramatic retellings of twenty true events, including the Moodus earthquake of 1791, the Norwalk train wreck of 1853, the Great Hurricane of 1938, and the Great Hartford Circus Fire of 1944. Full description

89,26 EUR*
Details Rebuilding After Disasters: From Emergency to Sustainability

Rebuilding After Disasters Disasters are not natural. Natural events such as earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes, become disasters because of the fragile relations that exist between the natural, human and built environments. This book emphasizes the ...

23,83 EUR*
Details Crisis Intervention Training for Disaster Workers: An Introduction

Crisis Intervention Training for Disaster Workers Doherty provides information about training for mental health professionals and first responders who work with victims of disaster related stress and trauma. He provides a brief overview of disasters ...

46,79 EUR*
Details Natural Disaster and Development in a Globalizing World

Natural Disaster and Development in a Globalizing World Natural Disaster and Development makes clear that there are links between global scale processes and local experiences of disaster, but underlies the difficulty of attributing blame for ...

139,09 EUR*
Details The Causes and Behavioral Consequences of Disasters: Models informed by the global experience 1950-2005

The Causes and Behavioral Consequences of Disasters This book brings a public health perspective to disaster preparedness and disaster response. It systematically reviews a half century of disasters worldwide to form the basis for a contextual model ...

156,65 EUR*
Details Large-Scale Disasters: Prediction, Control, and Mitigation

Large-Scale Disasters A review volume presenting research into the prediction, prevention or mitigation of large-scale disasters. Full description

168,99 EUR*
Details Using Social and Information Technologies for Disaster and Crisis Management

Using Social and Information Technologies for Disaster and Crisis Management Using Social and Information Technologies for Disaster and Crisis Management highlights examples of disaster situations in recent years in which social and information ...

23,49 EUR*
Details Measuring Disaster Preparedness: A Practical Guide to Indicator Development and Application

Measuring Disaster Preparedness "Measuring Disaster Preparedness" is the seminal work on using measurement to manage the disaster preparation process. Its audience is that diverse group of local leaders and public servants whom communities of various ...

14,79 EUR*
Details Live-Flirtin With Disaster

MOLLY HATCHET Flirtin' With Disaster - Live CD

6,99 EUR*
Details A Natural Disaster

ANATHEMA A Natural Disaster CD

160,56 EUR*
Details Disaster Resilience from a Sociological Perspective: Exploring Three Italian Earthquakes as Models for Disaster Resilience Planning (Humanitarian Solutions in the 21st Century)

Natural disasters traumatize individuals, disrupt families, and destabilize communities.Surviving these harrowing events calls for courage, tenacity, and resilience. Professional planning requires specific types of knowledge of how people meet and ...

24,99 EUR*
Details Disaster at Stalingrad: An Alternate History

Disaster at Stalingrad Alternate history of one of WWII's most crucial battles. Full description

52,40 EUR*
Details Disaster Recovery Planning: Preparing for the Unthinkable

Disaster Recovery Planning, Third Edition is a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute, IT professional's guide to planning for disaster recovery without hiring expensive consultants or implementing proprietary methodologies. It has been thoroughly revised ...

5,86 EUR*
Details Natural Disasters: Band 05 Green/Band 12 Copper (Collins Big Cat Progress)

Natural Disasters: Green/Copper Find out about the natural disasters people face around the world, what effect they have on towns and cities and how we can help to protect people from them. Packed with fact files and maps showing disaster spots as ...

75,58 EUR*
Details The Public Health Consequences of Disasters

The Public Health Consequences of Disasters This book summarizes the most recent and useful information about the public health impact of natural and man-made disasters. It emphasizes the uses of epidemiologic knowledge about different types of ...

40,29 EUR*
Details Disaster Psychiatry: Intervening When Nightmares Come True

Disaster Psychiatry: Intervening When Nightmares Come True captures the state of disaster psychiatry in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. This emergent psychiatric specialty, which is increasingly separated from trauma and ...

32,56 EUR*
Details Rebuilding Urban Places After Disaster: Lessons from Hurricane Katrina (City in the 21st Century (Paperback))

Rebuilding Urban Places After Disaster This volume examines the rebuilding of cities and their environs after a disaster and focuses on four major issues: making cities less vulnerable to disaster, reestablishing economic viability, responding to the ...

19,82 EUR*
Details America's Greatest Natural Disasters: Moments in History (Cover-To-Cover Books)

America's Greatest Natural Disasters Supplies brief information about the most notable natural disasters that have occurred in the United States, with a glossary. Full description